Ash Myburgh
Art Director + Designer



The lady in red (hair…)

I am a Sydney-based award-winning art director and visual communicator. I recently spent 6 months freelancing in London and am now searching for my forever-home in Sydney.

After humble beginnings working as a graphic designer, I managed to fall ass-backwards into advertising and realised quickly this is where I belong. So far, I’ve managed to win a Clio, a Webby and an APAC Effie.
I became a finalist in the Cannes Young Lions Australia 2016, had work shortlisted at Cannes in 2016 and was flown to Montreal to speak at the C2 Conference as the Professional Overall Winner of the Young Glory Competition (2017/18).

When I'm not lying upside down coming up with ideas to sell to clients, you can find me in the mosh pit of my favourite metal band, in the ring honing my wrestling skills or in the gym, picking heavy things up and putting them down again.

Ultimately, I love being creative and live for ideas. Good ones to set the standard, bad ones to learn from and the weird ones to keep me weirder. So let’s make some ideas together.