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SPOTLIGHT ON: The Day Shazam Forgot...


There is no doubt that the use of apps on our smartphones has transformed the ways we live our lives. We can find out, in real time when our next train is about to arrive, it can tell us the weather for the next 7-days at the touch of a button and we can capture Pokemon while going about our daily business. One app I am fond of in particular is Shazam - which solves that ever annoying problem of hearing a song and either wanting know what it is because it tickled your fancy, or you just can't quite put your finger on what it is. In fact the latter is one of the most frustrating experiences - trying to remember something and it seeming so close, but just out of reach from your memory.

Unfortunately, that feeling is all too familiar for the millions of people suffering with Alzheimer’s disease. In this clever partnership with Shazam, Alzheimer’s Research U.K absolutely nailed the use of in-app marketing. “The Day Shazam Forgot” campaign tapped into the regular language that Shazam uses in it's song identification process to make the ads seem native and authentic to the user. By leveraging the interface that people know to align with a similar message, it brought a horribly human attribute to Shazam—the ability to forget.

I love this campaign because it is a great example of the right partnership, the right app, the right language and the right interface coming together beautifully to tap into audience empathy and make people experience first hand the effects of this horrible disease. A carefully crafted user journey, that made an empathetic impact.