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SPOTLIGHT ON: John Lewis Home Insurance 'Tiny Dancer'

After some time neglecting my blog, I figured I would revamp my mind ramblings and start posting more things of value! To keep inspired, and to just remind myself (and anyone who is reading this) of some of the great pieces of work there are out there, when it comes to design, advertising, art and copy.

So to kick off my new online segment "Spotlight On", I will be sharing one of my favourite TV spots. This TVC is for John Lewis Home Insurance that came out of adam&eveDDB in London.

Why I love it:

The idea, like most great ideas, is so simple. The lack of VO, supers or any information, apart from what is happening in front of you, means that you are completely engrossed in the action and the audience is captivated. You forget that you are watching an ad. The ultimate "ah-ha" moment at the end, when you realise that the ad is for insurance makes you smile because it is extremely clever but in the simplest way.

It is expertly directed and produced, from the lingering shots of the wobbling objects that provide tension (which obviously are crucial to the message of the ad while still being subtle) to the cuts and changes in sound to create variety and enhance the storytelling. I think it's a brilliant ad that uses clever direction, humour and excellent casting to convey a clear and simple message.

Ash Myburgh